Best low carb options mexican restaurant

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best low carb options mexican restaurant

They are low in fat, high in protein and provide plenty of fiber. They get a thumbs up as a low-calorie Mexican food. But avoid ordering the black beans and rice combo if you're a low-carb dieter. Refried beans may sound like a good choice, but they are often . Apr 07,  · There are plenty of great low carb options at the pub, a few to choose from when eating Japanese, and surprisingly there’s even plenty of great low carb options at Italian restaurants, but Mexican food leans very heavily on corn and beans due to the availability of those crops in Mexico. Traditional Mexican fare includes many healthy low-carb menu choices. Grilled seafood, meat, and poultry dishes are smart options as long as you fill the rest of your plate with vegetables instead of rice .

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New Mexican dishes tend to be richer in flavor, although not necessarily hotter, than Tex-Mex, best low carb options mexican restaurant. It relies heavily on seafood, with an emphasis on fresh vegetables. Flavors are bright and strong. Metropolitan Mexican food demonstrates the strong French influence exerted by the brief period of French rule under Maximillian and Carlotta. The Eastern and Western coastal regions of Mexico also feature some outstanding seafood, typified by dishes that originated in places like Vera Cruz and Oaxaca.

The primary flavor components of Mexican food are garlic, chiles, cilantro and cumin. So pass on the chips and salsa and look for the regional specialties, which more and more Mexican restaurants are offering.

Ask for jicama sticks for dipping instead of chips. A low-carb root vegetable, jicama is bland, slightly sweet and very crunchy. Its flavor and crisp bite wonderfully complement the rich texture of avocado. Are you a fan of Enchiladas Verdes?

These tortillas are filled with spiced chicken and covered with a tangy green sauce of tomatillos and cilantro. Just ask for the chicken filling, minus the tortillas and topped with the sauce.

You can have fajitas without the carbs, best low carb options mexican restaurant. Proper fajitas will come to your table sizzling, having been seared in an extremely hot skillet along with sliced onions, bell peppers, and sometimes slivers of one of the milder chile peppers.

Instead of quesadillas, order Sopa de Albondigas, which is a meatball and vegetable soup. Substitute a Jicama Salad for nachos. Replace any of the taco, tamale, or enchilada platters with whatever grilled fish pescado is on the menu. Try Pollo Asado, grilled chicken, instead of Chimichangas or Flautas. Shrimp are even better in Camarones al Ajili, shrimp in garlic sauce, than they are in Shrimp Enchiladas.

Once you best low carb options mexican restaurant to explore true Mexican food, you'll never miss those cheese enchiladas.


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best low carb options mexican restaurant


Jan 09,  · Low carb Mexican food is my favorite option as far as low carb restaurants go: Best Choice: Salad or burrito bowl (minus the rice/beans). Sometimes called a “bare burrito”.Author: Lindsey. Fortunately, however, Mexican food is much more than beans and rice. Here are some great lower-carb recipes that are Mexican, Tex-Mex or inspired by Mexican cuisine, plus some ideas on what to order in your favorite Mexican restaurant. How to Eat Out On the Keto DietAvoid at Ways to Add Healthy Fats to Your Sauces if You’re Not Sure What Their Ingredients’t Go for for Safe Dining Options When Learning How to Eat Out on Keto.